Learn how to save a child's life with a Family Resuscitation first aid course

Would you know how to save your child’s life in an emergency?

Our Family Resuscitation course only costs $49 and takes 2 hours to complete. It is the ideal course for parents, grandparents and anyone caring for children as it covers topics such as choking, bleeding, and teaches basic life support skills specific to children and infants.

We also offer a full day Provide First Aid course for $199 that will take your training to the next level and provides you with advanced skills for first aid emergencies at home or at work.

2 hour - Family Resuscitation course

This easy, short, hands-on course is designed to give you an awareness of first aid and covers the basics of adult and child resuscitation. There are no assessments associated with this course, and it is ideal for anyone who only has a short amount of time and would like to learn some basic resuscitation skills.

Costs only $49 and takes 2 hours to complete.

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1 day - Provide First Aid course

This is a general course that would benefit all those at work, home or for leisure. The course provides an excellent general grounding in first aid and will enable you to perform appropriate first aid procedures and basic life support skills. This unit satisfies training requirements across a range of community and workplace settings.

Costs $199 and can be completed in a day.

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St John Ambulance WA offers a range of courses to suit a variety of needs and budgets.

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